Illya Tkachuk, Managing Director

Illya Tkachuk is the CEO and co-founder of Intercomputer Global Services. He assumed executive responsibility for Intercomputer Global Services after serving as Marketing & Sales Director at other software companies. Mr. Tkachuk’s professional background is in finance, software development, strategic planning and developing business partnerships and alliances.

He studied International Marketing & Management at Dortmund University and received a PhD in Economics from Donetsk National University in January 2009.


Sergey Nikulin, Business Development Director

Sergey Nikulin is Intercomputer GS’s Business Development Director. He is responsible for new solutions, products and business directions as well as partner and vendor management. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding collaborating with Intercomputer GS, please get in touch with Sergey.

Sergey brings more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry to Intercomputer. He complements his impressive IT background with a wealth of experience in business development, strategic projects / key accounts management, vendor management, implementing production and delivery processes for ECM solutions, sales, and business process analysis for IT automation.

Sergey has master’s degree in Computer Science.

Elena Mameshina, Consulting Director

Elena is Intercomputer GS’s Consulting Director. She is an experienced project manager drawing on business as well as technical leadership skills. She is responsible for consulting services and for overseeing solution development for your business. If you want to know more about company solutions, project deployment and product presentations, please get in touch with Elena.

Elena brings more than 10 years of experience in the IT and financial industries to Intercomputer GS. Her wealth of banking and IT experience covers project launches, global sales and team management. Her educational background combines computer science with international finance and banking.

Nataly Veremeeva, Sales Director

Nataly runs the International Sales Department at Intercomputer GS. She manages the sales team and is responsible both for marketing and sales. If you want to launch a project or discuss other collaboration options, please contact Nataly.

Nataly brings seven years of experience in the IT industry to Intercomputer GS. She has organized many projects with teams of more than ten people. Her degrees and experience cover international management as well as language and culture.