Unified Archive of Clients’ Banking History Files for Dongorbank

Client: Dongorbank. Ukraine
Project date: 2006
Users: 250


One of the Ukraine’s leading banks, Dongorbank faced scalability problems during its growth. Individual branches possessed their own document storage systems and communication between branches, as well as finding the necessary documents, required significant time and negatively impacted customer service.


We created a system that was designed to provide centralized storage of their clients’ data and operations and to grant authorized personnel access to that information.


  • Creation of single warehouse for customers’ electronic banking history files
  • Effective search mechanism with ability to run multi-criteria searches
  • Ability to trace history of customer-bank relationships
  • Automated reporting process


  • Higher level of supervision of performance of customer service employees
  • Minimized risk data entry errors
  • Reduced time required to search for and prepare documents both for internal usage and for regulators
  • Faster, higher-quality customer service
  • Increased customer loyalty


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