Creation of the electronic archive of documents in PJSC “ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog” on the basis of EMC Documentum platform

Client: PJSC “ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog”

Project date: 2014


Due to optimization processes and move to corporate standards there appeared a need in standardization of business processes of the company and implementation of the unified complex ECM system.


After getting acquainted with the existing ECM-systems the decision to implement the Documentum program product was made. The choice of this system was made because of the possibility for the employees of different divisions of the company to work in the unified information space, the systematization and unification of technology of processing the documents, safe storage of all the documents with the separation of access levels according to sets of roles and groups of users, good development perspectives and further integration with other software systems, used by the company.

In 2012 the pre-project company investigation was conducted, as a result of which the functional-technical requirements to the system and technical project prototype were created. After this there started the stages of design, development of customizations and setting the system taking into account the wishes of the client.

In 2013, in the process of finalization of the system implementation there was performed: setting of the test environment and execution of the test launch of the project, setting the product environment, teaching the employees, realization of the import of several hundreds of thousands of existing electronic documents into the system with the preservation of the integrity of classifieds, references and respective structure. In November 2013 the program was put into the commercial use.

The results of projects are:

  • The unified archive of the project documents was created on the enterprise according to the international standard GOST 2.051-2006 “The unified system of constructor documentation. Electronic documents”
  • The procedures of managing the lifecycle of documents were approved
  • The collective access to documents in organizational and territorial distributed structure of the company was provided.
  • The multiple usage of the content by all departments was optimized.
  • The security and confidentiality of the information was ensured.
  • The access rights to the documents were separated.
  • The audit of the actions of system and users was performed
  • The search by requisites was organized.
  • The integration with other information systems of the enterprise was performed and also the future integration was taken into account.
  • The analytic reporting system about the state and filling of the documentation was formed.

At present the project is successfully finished and the company is on the guaranteed maintenance and consultation support of the group of companies “Intercomputer Global Services Ukraine” and “SoftXpansion Ukraine”.

The company also would like to express gratitude to “Intercomputer Global Services Ukraine” for successful implementation of the system in the stated timeframe and effective solving of non-standard tasks, appearing in the course of the project.


  • EMC Documentum
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