Alfresco development services: use the power of a good open source solution to create flexible document management for your business

Intercomputer: Alfresco development services

  • Do you want to create best collaboration space for your employees?
  • Do you need a cost-effective solution, responding to the needs of your business?
  • Do you want to use the services of a smart Alfresco developer for the needs of your business?

If you answer “yes” to one of these questions, we have something to offer you here. We have already done several projects on Alfresco document management platform and we are impressed by this system.

What is Alfresco ECM?

Alfresco document management system is an innovative ECM system, developed not long ago as an open-source platform using new technologies. What this means to users? It means that it is reasonably priced compared to other ECM systems as you will not spend money on licenses, but pay only for customization. The fact that Alfresco software was developed recently gives you the advantage of using the document management system, which initially takes into account all the requirements of modern ways of ECM systems organization, including effective work on mobile devices, integration with social networks and using their algorithms in making the collaboration more effective.

The Alfresco solution includes the following sections:

  • Alfresco Image Management
  • Alfresco Document Management
  • Alfresco Record Management
  • Alfresco Web Content Management

As you can see, these parts cover almost all the needs users have when using a document management system.

What we offer?

We offer our knowledge, experience and full pack of services on implementing ECM systems that suit your business best of all. We make the preliminary study and recommend you the best suited system. If your company is flexible, dynamic, rapidly developing and expecting reasonable prices and high efficiency, it will probably be Alfresco content management system.

To be more exact, we provide:

You can read more about each of these services on respective pages.

Why Intercomputer?

  • We have very impressive experience in realizing ECM projects for big and small clients and have already done several successful projects on an innovative ECM Alfresco platform.
  • We are a great company:
  • We have experienced smart guys ready to solve your tasks.

What to do next?

Drop us an e-mail with description of your needs and we will answer with CVs of available resources, prices and more detailed information.

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