C/C++ and Embedded development

  • Intercomputer: C, C++ and Embedded development Do you have any big project for which you need extra C/C++ programmers for hire?
  • Or maybe you need one skillful C++ developer, which can work as part of your team?
  • Are you producing hardware and need help in embedded C++ programming?

Our company provides this kind of services, so we might be a good match. We have deep expertise in these spheres, having done a lot of C++ development as well as embedded systems programming.

Among our biggest projects:

C++ Software Development Projects

  • The system, which automatically converts all document types into unchangeable PDF and PDF / A format for convenient storage
  • The system covering the main PDF-related tasks: create, read, view, comment, sign, fill out forms and more
  • Different tools for server based document workflow allowing editing and giving attributions to documents
  • The system of monitoring the health of the hardware of different types

You can also read about our C++ solutions here: PDF Solutions for ECM 

Embedded System Programming Devices:

We have done several embedded systems solutions, both hardware and software parts, which have the following features:

  • GPRS/EDGE/CSD/SMS modem designed for industrial automation and control, including devices sensitive to rupture received packets and using protocols Modbus.
  • Wireless monitoring, alarms and control of geographically-distributed objects provided, and also works in the mode of radio extenders — RS-232C/RS-485 interfaces using TCP, UDP, MODBUS protocols.
  • Embedded system measurement and management informs about changes of his state through CSD/GPRS-channel using SMS, E-MAIL or voice alerts.
  • A 3G-modem (HSUPA / EVDO / GSM / EDGE), Wi-Fi access point, an RS232 port for administration or modem connection, USB port for connecting an external drive (for example, to save the log) or backup modem port RJ45 (10/100Mbit) to connect to the internal network, or LAN Internet provider.

If you’d like to get more information about this C++ and embedded C++ software, please contact us and we will provide you with more information about it. For now, please be sure – we are very deep in software development in C++ and embedded software development with C++.

Now this team of C++ developers can work for the benefit of your project.

What we offer?

As you can see, we have really a strong team of developers C++, able to do both C++ web development and embedded programming in C++ and C. We offer you to create a dedicated team consisting of one C++ programmer or a team of specialists in C++ and embedded systems development.

Creating a dedicated team of embedded and C++ software developers

    • Dedicated teams can consist of 1 C++ software developer or be teams of 20 guys and more
    • You get the freedom to manage, control and communicate with your team
    • They will work full-time providing you with the C++ and embedded development services and act as a branch of your company
    • You can scale your team easily, adequately responding to your business challenges

More about this service — here: Dedicated teams

We have the knowledge, the expertise, the resources and the intention to succeed together with you. Seems that is a good combination, isn’t it?

What to do next?

Drop us an e-mail with description of your needs and we will answer with CVs of available resources, prices and more detailed information.

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