ECM Documentum development services: get a turnkey ECM Documentum solution, or hire a Documentum developer

Intercomputer: EMC Documentum development services

  • Does your company need Documentum developers?
  • Do you need a good, enterprise level ECM solution for your business?

If you answer “yes” to one of these questions, we are a good match. Our company offers a wide range of services on EMC Documentum platform.

What is EMC Documentum?

EMC Documentum is a powerful platform for managing documents in big enterprises. This system is highly scalable, stable, resistant to high loads and has a powerful set of instruments for its customization to the needs of particular enterprise. This is why it is not being sold as a box version. Implementation of a system of this level requires preliminary analysis of business processes, implementation and customization of the system by certified Documentum professionals, training of employees to ensure good level of Documentum software adoption, maintenance and high level of support of EMC Documentum Solutions.

What we offer?

We offer full pack of services related to Documentum EMC. We are working with this system for more than 10 years and you can imagine what level of quality, expertise, knowledge of all risks and challenges we have obtained since then. Apart from creating new systems based on Documentum platform, we already have a number of our own Documentum solutions. Apart from that, we have our own PDF solutions and PDF Render Center, a product, which we successfully use in our Documentum solutions. The use of our Intellectual Property make the solutions less expensive, more stable and high quality and also increases the speed of development and implementation of Documentum content management systems.

To summarize, we offer:

Why Intercomputer?

  • We have solid experience in doing these types of projects. We did Documentum projects for banks and industry, which traditionally have very high expectations on quality.
  • We are a great company:
  • We have experienced smart guys ready to solve your tasks.

What to do next?

Drop us an e-mail with description of your needs and we will answer with CVs of available resources, prices and more detailed information.

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