.Net development services: get our custom .Net development services, or hire a team of .Net developers, dedicated to you

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to gather a qualified team of Microsoft .Net developers?
  • Or do you have tasks you plan to solve with the help of .Net technology?

If you answer “yes” to one of these questions, we are a good match.  Our company offers a wide range of services on Microsoft .Net platform.

What is .Net Platform?

.Net is a powerful platform and programming language, used for creating both desktop and web .Net solutions. It has a wide range of instruments for solving tasks from various spheres and of various complexity. Usually .Net programming language is used to develop some serious enterprise-level solutions, though it also allows doing smaller projects.

What we offer?

We have more than 10 years of experience in working with .Net software and .Net solutions, we have a team of certified Microsoft .Net developers and we are Microsoft partners in this sphere, so we can guarantee the highest level of .net development service. We both create dedicated teams of .Net web developers and .Net desktop developers and also develop custom .Net software. So if you want to hire a dot net developer or get a custom .net solution or .net development service, we are here to help.

To summarize, we provide the following services:

Why Intercomputer?

  • We have solid experience in doing these types of projects. We did .Net projects not only for software companies but also for banks and industry, which traditionally have very high expectations on quality.
  • We are a great company:
  • We have experienced smart guys ready to solve your tasks.

What to do next?

Drop us an e-mail with description of your needs and we will answer with CVs of available resources, prices and more detailed information.

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