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  • Intercomputer: HR Outsourcing CompaniesYou have a great product you genuinely love and successfully sell – and you want to make it even better?
  • You have great plans for it and the only things holding your back are constant competition and a lack of resources?
  • Your whole team is busy with critical, urgent tasks and you need hands and brains to handle other critical, but less high-priority tasks?
  • Or you want to get top-notch, highly experienced professionals that you can’t find in your own country or who are too expensive there?
  • Or maybe you want to extend application testing services of your product to ensure that it’s flawless and that nothing upsets your customers?

We will solve those problems for you.

Our company provides the services of software development outsourcing, both custom development of some specific products, creating dedicated teams of software developers on various technologies and outsourcing IT services like software application testing. We provide both nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing services, doing the development on the following technologies:

Just tell us about your needs and in a short time you’ll have the solution. Please read more about services that interest you in the appropriate section (there are links to sections in text on this page) or contact us via contact form to ask any question or get a free consultation.

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