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Practice shows, and business rules claim, that 80% of income is provided by permanent clients. Keeping existing ones and adding new ones is the key task in industries where every client is important and where the basis of business is recurring sales.

CRM solutions allow you to structure and supervise all the activities aimed at developing relations with clients and increasing the volume of sales.

The Basic Possibilities of Small Business CRM

Unified Client Base:

  • Full history of relations with your clients: data and results of meetings and discussions, every document related to each client (contracts, invoices, payment history, etc.)
  • Records of client preferences and characteristics
  • Timely identification of clients who have been lost or are about to be lost and administration of new clients
  • Automatic reception of data for client relations maintenance (professional holidays, anniversaries of client companies, birthdays of key personnel, date of first agreement, etc.)

Sales Management:

  • Sales planning based on such categories as goods, personnel, departments, regions.
  • Monitor progress and automate the preparation of reports on, e.g., potential, closed (paid), or hanging deals

Increasing Quality of Customer Service:

  • Registration and analysis of all client requests
  • Automatically set tasks on receipt of requests or inquiries
  • Monitor schedule and quality of reactions to client requests; get client feedback

Effective Marketing:

  • Segmentation of clients based on any set of attributes
  • Analysis of clients based on preferences, purchase periods, goods bought, conditions and any other criteria
  • Preparation and implementation of marketing campaigns and evaluation of their effectiveness
  • Automation of electronic and printed newsletters
  • Analysis of competitors’ activities

A CRM solution is an important and effective instrument. But an independent system alone will not provide all the benefits and advantages we’ve described. Succes even of the best CRM for small business mainly depends on how work with the system is organized across the enterprise.

That’s why we always recommend the  best CRM software solution for your enterprise, taking into account the price, functionality, and the most effective way to organize work with the CRM in your existing workflow.

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