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  • Intercomputer: PDF SolutionDo you need separate PDF solutions or are you thinking about using this most convenient format as part of your bigger DMS system?
  • Are you searching for special PDF archive software, suitable PDF converter software for enterprises, PDF editor software, PDF scanner software or PDF management software?

Together with our partners from soft Xpansion we have developed our own PDF product. Using it as a basis we are ready to create and offer you the PDF solution ideally corresponding to the needs of your enterprise.

The pdf product we have developed  acts like a black box, gathering all sorts of information from the input (scanned copies, images, office files, emails, PDFs, etc.) and producing neat, searchable PDF and PDF/A files that can then be filed in any kind of database, NTFS, MS SQL, MY SQL, Oracle, etc.

Our PDF library software, the basis of PDF Render Center product, enjoys wide popularity among companies developing serious systems (http://en.soft-xpansion.eu/company/customers/) We can even say that it was named among best pdf software for its stability, adjustability and wide variety of functions. PDF Render Center unites the functions of PDF creation software, PDF scanning software and PDF editing software, allowing to create a fully functional easily searchable archive with attributed documents.

Description of PDF Render Center

PDF Render Center from soft Xpansion is a high quality PDF conversion software, which enables you to convert documents via batch jobs and process PDF files. It can be easily integrated into existing document management systems. PDF Render Center is perfect for small and midsize businesses that need to avoid using paper documents while managing several thousand documents internally. It allows more efficient processing of a greater number of documents and at the same time reduces or even eliminates the cost of copying and archiving them.

PDF Render Center converts all the documents that are important for your enterprise, as well as data from electronic sources, into PDF documents. Those documents are then available in backend systems where they can be administered in your databases as well as in document management and content management systems. The contents, which are at first unstructured, can be systematically organized, archived, protected and transmitted using PDF Render Center. Additionally, you can define enterprise-wide rules and directives to establish an optimal document workflow. PDF Render Center allows small and medium-sized enterprises and bigger enterprises with branches to have a linked archive of PDF documents. All your related tasks can be quickly and easily completed – and for an affordable price!

Contents can be integrated from every workstation on the network and be made available for secure cooperation within teams – within your enterprise and even externally. At the same time, with PDF Render Center you can make sure that (legal and regulatory) standards are implemented for digital archiving and auditing.

We’ve developed a number of solutions based on this technology that can be used in any industry. The core of every system is the PDF archive; the solutions work with various input and output formats and produce PDFs with useful special features, like attributes and watermarks, which can specify who checked the document out of the system, who put it there, etc. There are many possible configurations – we can tailor the system to the specifics of your business. There’s one thing we’re certain of, though – if you work with documents, sooner or later you’re going to need one of our solutions.

Read on for descriptions of some of the solutions we offer:

All these solutions can be part of a larger solution for processing documents within your company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your particular business.

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