Archive Creation based on PDFs

Archives based on PDF can be the best for your business  - they are searchable, take not much space, stay unchanged, can have attributes, can be automatically scanned etc. Apart from that, we believe we created best PDF converter software in the industry and are ready to share the benefits of using this system with you. Please have a look at the suggested processes and their description. Is it something you were looking for?

Typical process of creating electronic archives based on PDF documents:

Using PDF Render Center for archive creation will help you convert your paper archive into an electronic one quickly while ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Usually, a high-performance scanner (multifunctional device) is used for stream scanning. Such a scanner scans paper documents and saves the results (image files) to local or network data storage and as well as on your FTP server. An operator loads documents and operates the scanner.

Electronic documents in various formats – from standard office documents (DOC, XLS, and PPT) to specialized ones (Outlook MSG, etc.) can be used as input documents for PDF Render Center.

It should be noted that, in addition to local or network data storage or FTP servers, the web services included in PDF Render Center can also be used as input sources.

As shown on the diagram above, PDF Render Center converts image files into a read-only PDF format or converts PDF documents resulting from scanning into the long-term storage format, PDF/A (ISO-19005).

For users of the archive creation process described above, attributes can be added by PDF Render Center using corresponding PDF document properties or via specified settings for naming the documents as they’re created.

This process is the easiest to implement and use and is usually used for creating small and medium-sized file archives without attribute search or content search functions.

Main advantages:

  • Quick implementation
  • Various ways of receiving input documents
  • Easy to manage
  • Plenty of electronic formats supported
  • Low cost of converting files
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