E-mail Archive

Are you thinking of storing your correspondence in one secure place? PDF archive can be a good option.

Typical process for creating an e-mail archive based on searchable and attributed PDF documents:

An e-mail PDF archive is an optimal solution for organizing enterprise-wide e-mail storage. Such a solution allows you to maintain internal enterprise standards for storing electronic correspondence (internal or external, communication with governmental agencies, etc.).

All enterprise electronic correspondence is treated as a source for filling the archive. Copying e-mail into the archive does not affect the send/receive processes.

Any e-mails received by the company’s mail server are processed by PDF Render Center. PDF Render Center converts the e-mails into a read-only format (PDF or PDF/A). The body of the e-mail is converted into PDF document content while all the attached files are converted into corresponding attached files as per the PDF specification.

Rules for naming the resulting PDF documents can be set according to sender/recipient name, subject, time/date of receipt, etc.

The resulting PDF documents are content-searchable and attributed (attributes are based on the properties of the source document). This enables multi-attribute search among archive objects and makes the search process more effective and convenient.

PDF Render Center can be easily integrated with the e-mail archives of popular e-mail systems like IBM Lotus Notes Domino and Microsoft Exchange.

Integration can be performed using a wide variety of integration connectors that are supplied along with PDF Render Center.

The e-mail archive can be scaled according to the needs of large enterprises in order to be able to manage heavy loads and at the same time ensure that it is easy for small and midsized businesses to use and convenient to administer.

Main advantages:

  • Flexible ways to input messages
  • Convenient storage format (content plus attached files)
  • Integration with enterprise e-mail systems
  • Convert e-mails into attribute- and content-searchable documents
  • ISO-certified formats for long-term storage (PDF/A)
  • Scaling when load increases
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