Fax Archive

Fax archives are primarily oriented towards enterprises with large volumes of fax correspondence and can be used as part of the company’s main archive:

Creating such an archive automates the process of filing, storing and accessing fax messages; it also ensures that internal enterprise standards for storing electronic correspondence are maintained.

Centralized storage provides quick access to necessary documents.

A centralized fax server usually fills the archive with incoming documents. The server saves incoming correspondence as image files in local or network data storage.

Using an external OCR solution, PDF Render Center creates a multilayer PDF document with a bottom layer with a copy of the digitized document (image) and a top text layer (invisible) based on the recognition results. This file structure enables content search within the PDF document while preserving the source document (digitized image).
After the PDF document has been created, it is placed in the database and the time and date of receipt can be added to its attributes. Other attributes resulting from OCR processing can also be used.

While the document is sent to the archive by the Render Center module, it is simultaneously sent via the corporate mail server to a user who determines the final recipient of the fax message.

The archive can be searched according to message attributes or content.

Outgoing documents are usually archived by sending a copy of outgoing messages to Render Center via a network printer, a special network folder or a web service.

The conversion and attribution technology is the same as that used for incoming documents. The only difference is that with outgoing documents, it’s possible to use electronic text documents that avoid the use of OCR and instead provide the exact text that will be transferred to the PDF document.

Main advantages:

  • Archive creation for incoming and outgoing fax messages
  • Adobe PDF format for document storage
  • Integration with industrial fax systems
  • Convert fax messages into searchable electronic documents (including attribute and content search)
  • Save the original document as a separate layer of the resulting PDF document
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