Office Document Conversion

Conversion of MS Office documents to read-only format and placement in internal enterprise storage:

Converting office documents to a read-only format and placing them in internal enterprise storage is a necessary solution that increases the quality of work with unstructured information and reduces losses while coping with the constantly increasing scope of documentation.

Such a solution can be used as an independent system or as an addition to the workflow systems that are already in use.

PDF Render Center is the main component of the system; it can use the following sources to receive office documents:

  • Enterprise mail server (integrated via web service)
  • Enterprise storage (integrated via local/network folder or web service)
  • Network printer (included in PDF Render Center)
  • Other sources (scanner, fax, etc.)

If necessary, original image documents can be processed by OCR in order to derive a text component that can later be exported in the final, processed file. In this case, PDF Render Center creates a multilayer PDF document which includes two layers: a bottom layer – with a copy of the digitized document (image) and a top text layer (invisible) – with the recognition results. This file structure enables content search in the PDF document while preserving the original document.

The archival format for office documents can be either PDF or PDF/A, depending on the process that is in place and any internal enterprise regulations.

The rules for creating names for the archival documents can also be set according to the company’s document nomenclature and any registration rules.

It is also possible to perform document attribution either on the level provided by the PDF document structure or by using an unlimited attribute set integrated in the document or directly exported to the archive.

Main advantages:

  • Flexible, elegant solution
  • Enterprise formats for long-term storage (PDF and PDF/A)
  • Integration with internal enterprise systems (mail, user account, archive, etc.)
  • Wide range of popular office formats supported
  • Extraction of metadata directly from office documents
  • Receipt of electronic documents that can be used by other systems (including attribute and content search)
  • Scalable, fail-safe systems
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