PDF Render Center in DMS Lifecycles

Typical PDF Render Center usage at different stages of document lifecycle within a DMS/ECM system:

Unstructured content management systems (ECM – enterprise content management) widely use a “lifecycle” metaphor. Lifecycle is used for business-context management (availability of one or another option, properties, etc.) and for document system information management. During its lifecycle, a document goes from one stage to another, its characteristics/properties change (attribute values, presentation format, location, etc.) and so do the rules for processing, accessing and storing it.

In the document lifecycle description, the following parameters are usually specified: the document’s location in the storage system, access rights for system users that belong to one or another role or group and the set of actions that can or should be performed with the document or with the whole system.

The most common lifecycle consists of creation, consideration/adjustment, approval, publication and finally archiving.
Often, in order to implement system logic, some stages of the lifecycle require changing the document format. This is usually required when publishing the document and sending the document to the archive. Publication requires that the confirmed and approved document no longer be altered; archival storage requires converting the document into a long-term storage format. These requirements are met by the PDF and PDF/A formats, respectively. Thanks to PDF Render Center, ECM systems can work with these formats.

The resulting PDF documents can contain metadata based on source file formats (for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint). In order to visualize the stages of the document’s lifecycle (Approved, Published, etc.), special watermarks (stamps) can be employed.

Also, during PDF document publishing, an electronic signature from the author or individual responsible for publication can be added. This provides an additional guarantee of the invariability of the document.

Document transfer to PDF Render Center for conversion into PDF or PDF/A formats can be accomplished with a universal integration web service. This allows the solution to be platform independent.

PDF Render Center also contains ready-to-use connectors for the most popular ECM systems; for example, EMC Documentum, MS SharePoint, Alfresco, etc.

Main advantages:

  • Enterprise Adobe PDF and PDF/A formats for document storage
  • Platform independent integration with industrial workflow systems
  • Ready-to-use connectors for the most popular ECM systems
  • Electronic signatures
  • High performance
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