Personalized Document Preparation and Mailing System

Typical process for creating and distributing personalized bills/offers/newsletters/etc. based on signed PDFs:

Personalization of information (client or customer communication) can contribute to your company’s competitive advantage, increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring their loyalty.

In other words, in modern days a company has to be ready to provide each client with information corresponding to his/her personal interests and delivered either in electronic or printed form. When creating such correspondence, the system must adhere to statutory, judicial and security standards.

PDF Render Center provides companies with the ability to automate the creation of personalized correspondence. We suggest using the Adobe PDF format.

We recommend using familiar tools for content creation, such as Microsoft Word/Excel, when creating correspondence templates (invariable or main part).

After creation, the templates are placed in the enterprise database, where they can be accessed by PDF Render Center for further processing. Access to the templates can be provided in different ways – via a network resource, web services, etc.

The personalized part of the information is usually transferred to PDF Render Center from the CRM (customer relation management) system.

Using this data, PDF Render Center populates the editable part of the document and converts the templates into a document that is ready to be sent to the client/user. The properties of such a document can optionally contain information. In order to increase the security level, the document can be signed with an electronic signature, assuring the recipient of the authorship and invariability of the document itself.

After the document has been created, it is converted to read-only format (PDF or PDF/A) and placed in the enterprise storage archive, where it can be accessed according to its content or attributes using the search function.
The finished document is delivered by PDF Render Center to the mail or webserver and then sent to the final recipient. It can also be sent to a printer to be sent via post.

This solution allows organizations to automate the process of creating and distributing personalized documents: from specialized adverts and bills to complex correspondence.

Main advantages:

  • A full cycle of creation of personalized correspondence (from template creation to distribution)
  • Ability to use multimodal delivery (e-mail, web, post, etc.)
  • Integration with internal enterprise information systems
  • Use the most popular formats as templates
  • Reduce time spent creating personalized documents
  • Use PDF as a universal format for e-distribution of documents
  • Scalable when loads increase
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