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Sooner or later, any company that has its own distributed structure or a wide partner network will face the challenge of generating and storing reports.

In order to process report information effectively, the system needs a consistent format for incoming data; a flexible structure for report documents (if it expands), and the ability to import incoming information into the internal enterprise accounting system. And, of course, saving the original reports is also necessary.

It is usually not possible to remotely access internal enterprise accounting systems in order to directly input report information due to organizational reasons or information security regulations.

For this reason, the optimal process is a process where all the necessary information is entered outside of the enterprise network and then securely transferred.

Such a process can be implemented using PDF applications and frameworks created by our partner company.

Report templates are developed based on XFA forms with the help of corresponding editors, including those from  our Perfect PDF Premium line. Using XFA forms enables the standardization of report forms and makes them extendable with no limitations on the quantity of information that can be entered. It also provides the ability for authorized company members to quickly change information and automates the transfer of data either via a direct HTTP connection with the server or via e-mail.

Once the report has been transferred by the corresponding connectors (web services or e-mail) to the company’s web or mail server, it is then delivered to PDF Render Center for further processing. The information entered in the XFA forms can be extracted or imported either during conversion of the received documents into read-only format or when they are processed on the web/mail server. The exact time can be specified while configuring the solution and depends on the client’s needs as well as their software/hardware infrastructure.

PDF Render Center converts received reports into PDF or PDF/A format and places them in the archive. The reports contain all the necessary metadata, such as Author, Period, Date of Import, etc. Together with the time of receipt and the date of the report, this information passes into the enterprise database (Oracle, MS SQL, etc.); this enables content and attribute search.

Original reports are stored in the database and emailed to all required company employees as well. The mailing list is stored in Render Center itself.

All authorized employees can also gain access to report information via a user account system (if available).
The conversion and attribution technology does not vary from the technology used for incoming documents. The only difference is that with outgoing documents, it is possible to use electronic text documents that render OCR unnecessary and provide the text for the resulting PDF documents directly.

Main advantages:

  • Implementation of the full process flow – from creating a report form to converting a complete report to read-only form
  • Enterprise XFA and Adobe PDF formats for report creation and storage
  • Integration with internal enterprise user account systems and with systems for storing unstructured information
  • Conversion of reports into searchable read-only format (including attribute and content search)
  • Ability to use this solution in mass service systems with high loads
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