Template-Based Document Creation

Effective creation of template-based documents in different formats:

One of the challenges of automating a modern company’s operations is managing document creation. The documents themselves are the results of business processes. The task can be implemented as an add-on module for different internal enterprise systems.

We recommend formats like Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS, and PPT) and Adobe PDF for the resulting documents.
We recommend using familiar software such as Microsoft Word/Excel, Adobe Acrobat, etc. as tools for creating document templates.

Software from our partner company’s Perfect PDF Premium range can also be used and will help you create PDF templates quickly and easily.

Creating and editing layouts can only be accomplished by users assigned to the business administrator role. Such users place processed documents in the enterprise database, where PDF Render Center can access them via the integrated web service.

Documents are created via process steps, automated workflow systems, unstructured information management systems, accounting systems. And any enterprise information system with PDF Render Center integrated in it can be a source for receiving temporary information for document generation.

Integration can be implemented in different ways. The most common way is receiving information on the file-exchange level via a network resource or via connectors based on web services.

The document is generated based on the template received from the database and information from the enterprise information systems.

When the document is generated, a read-only version (in PDF/A format) is placed in storage where it can be retrieved via a content or attribute search.

Completed documents in Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe PDF format can be returned to the system or can be delivered to users (based on a previously-created mailing list) by e-mail or intranet.

This solution allows organizations to automate their document creation processes for informational mailing, agreements, reports, etc.

Main advantages:

  • Implementation of full document creation cycle
  • Integration with internal enterprise information systems
  • Reduced time spent on routine operations for creation of single-type documents.
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF formats can be used for document templates
  • PDF/A for long-term storage
  • Quickly add new document types for generation process
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