Complex Imaging/Archiving Solutions Based on EMC Captiva

Intercomputer: Complex Imaging/Archiving Solutions based on EMC CaptivaA unified electronic archive of customers’ documents based on the EMC Documentum platform, developed by Intercomputer can:

  • speed up the identification process,
  • decrease the risk of violating regulatory norms,
  • reduce the expense of searching for and retrieving information needed to comply with regulatory demands,
  • eliminate the possibility of information duplication and facilitate access to it.

The ECM computer systems were designed to automate the process of preparing, processing, storing and accessing customer documents in a centralized manner for all bank units. EMC Documentum provides the framework for the capture and structured storage of information about all of the bank’s customers and grants authorized employees secure and, if necessary, remote access to information within internal banking systems.

The EMC storage system allows users to process incoming requests from the banking platform with a set of web services, like notifications from the banking platform about newly-generated barcodes, searching, retrieving the content of specific pages, listing requests (get a list of all the versions of a page, get a list of all the pages in a document, get a list of all the documents associated with a given application). The process of recognizing barcodes uses a subsystem based on Captiva.

The EMC system also automates other processes, like storing images on a one-document-per-page basis in a unified repository with all the necessary attributes, providing access to archived images via a web service interface and a standard EMC Documentum Webtop-client (thin web client) without requiring additional customization from the front/back office banking system or directly, managing a set of document statuses (Archived, Created, Scanned, and Signed) and notifying the front/back office banking system about any status changes.

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