Regulatory and Reference Document Management Solutions

Intercomputer: Regulatory and Reference Document Management SolutionsThe archive of regulatory and reference documents one of the electronic document management solutions which are intended to assist in managing the creation, publication, access to and storage of regulatory documents for financial institutions (banks) containing descriptions of products, business-processes, regulatory procedures and other relevant information related to the sale of banking products and services. This document management solution software automates the process of updating regulatory and reference documents from the moment a change is initiated to the time when the finalized document is published in the archive. It provides access to authorized personnel and can be easily adjusted in accordance with office information storage and usage regulations for financial institutions, including supporting restricted document access based on user roles. The archive of regulatory and reference documents supports key functions of best paperless office software for working with documents like:

  • Support for and automatic monitoring of document versions
  • Maintaining the unchanged state of a document after its approval and placement in long-term or permanent storage
  • Providing access only to authorized users and saving the history of changes to documents
  • Importing documents into the archive (authorized users only)
  • Grouping documents according to certain criteria (alternative presentations of the archive structure) without physical displacement of documents within the system
  • Manual, semi-automated and automated entry of attributes on the document card during both manual and automated imports
  • Document scanning and document recognition
  • Advanced search by attributes, keywords, whole text, etc.
  • Instant and aggregated reports (on a particular document, document type, process, process type, responsible person, structural unit, group, etc.) in conventional formats (XLS, HTML)
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