Solutions for Managing Client and Operation History Files

Intercomputer: Solutions for managing Client and Operation History FilesIncrease the efficiency of banking operations with automated desktop and online client management software system. Executing banking operations requires drawing up a large quantity of documents at all stages of the process – from product sales to account closures. The bank has to collect data and documents specified by central bank regulations that serve as a basis for performing banking operations and other deals.

To solve these tasks, we have created a number of DMS solutions solutions including client information management software, file management solutions and the like. The advantages of our DMS systems:

  • Smart document management: centralized distributed storage of documents ensures the long-term, reliable, secure and structured storage of electronic documents (including version control)
  • Single interface for all users
  • Unified basic services for organizing easy document management and storage
  • Quick search for documents in the distributed archive
  • Quick and convenient access to client documents for specialists
  • Increased performance efficiency and shorter decision-making time for specialists

A single, centralized online filing system enables faster identification procedures, lowers the risk of data inadequacy when complying with regulations, reduces expenses for finding and securing information demanded by regulatory authorities, eliminates the possibility of data duplication and facilitates access to information.

As a result  of using this client information system, you will:

  • Increase client loyalty
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and loss of commercial information
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Improve sales terms and quality

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